Helping to close Africa's digital gap.

The world around us is becoming more advanced by the day, creating new ways of doing business and living our lives. Our mission is to ensure Africa does not fall behind in this digital evolution.

Khula Africa Innovation Projects

About Us

Who We Are

Khula Africa Innovation Projects is an organization dedicated to creating innovative projects that help accelerate Africa’s growth into the digital age.

We are passionate about using available skillsets and technologies to come up with innovative projects that help communities improve their value and contribution to society and become a key player in the digital economy.

Due to an ever-changing world, thanks to advancements in technology, there is a need now more than ever for Africans to accelerate their adaption of using technology in every aspect of their lives. From socializing with other people, learning, working, doing business, traveling, and many more areas, technology disrupts every aspect of what we have called the norm for years.


Our Vision

A world where Africans not only have access to technology but are using the technology to be innovative in their daily lives.


Our Mission

Use modern technology to improve communities and to ensure Africa does not fall behind in this digital evolution.


Our Philosophy

The challenges faced by Africans today create an environment that forces us to be more innovative than ever before.


Our Solution

Create innovative platforms that allow Africans to connect, learn, grow each other, and become part of the Digital Economy.